Your talent. Your way.

You want to achieve something. Do things that you think are fun or important. That is why you learn.
You do that at school, but also outside school, with your friends, maybe on the sports field or
on Facebook. In it all comes together. All of your experiences and your achievements. The contacts
with the people who are important to you. The feedback you get and the plans you make.
See Peppels as your own portfolio that continues to grow, throughout your entire career.

Interactive and multimedial

Suddenly learning becomes a lot more fun

Forget your books and your writings for a minute. Use your creativity. Do your assignments with photos or video clips directly on your phone, iPad or computer. Instantly create your own projects. Blog about your experiences with your teachers and your network. Determine what is important, and show what you're good at. Who said that learning is boring?

Lifelog and Portfolio

Capture. Publish. Share.

Of course you want to show what you are good at and what you think is important. In you can keep a Lifelog. All of your experiences in text, pictures and movies. Also your projects can be published here. You can make presentations about your skills and your interests, send status messages and create a visual resume. And with a mouse click you invite others to view your publications.

360 degree feedback

Peeking is allowed

You learn a lot from your teachers, but also from others. You learn by giving eachother your opinions, or by watching your friends solve things. In you can follow the people that are important to you. You can blog with them, give comments or ask feedback at everything you do. You can be inspired, or share your knowledge with others.

Overview and insight

Everything at hand. Always. Everywhere.

With you always have everything at hand. Wherever you are, you always have access to your stuff. Whether you use a computer, a tablet or just your phone. This goes for your projects, your blogs and calendar, but also all of your documents can be conveniently and securely stored in Docbox. So you always understand where you are, and what will come next.